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Harrison central school district fully reopens to in person learning with

324 mac-700 units


On Wednesday, April 7, HCSD reopened their middle and high school's doors to complete the full transition to in person learning of the entire district with help from 171 MAC-700 Units.  

On March 23, 2021, Harrison's Elementary Schools returned to full capacity in person learning with 153 MAC-700 units.


As a result of being awarded the mobile air cleaner bid coupled with a “piggyback” clause included in the bidding terms, the MAC-700 may be purchased by NYS School Districts and Municipal Governments using the HCSD contract.


School districts interested in purchasing the Nailor Industries’ MAC-700 Mobile Air Cleaner should contact with Technical Air Systems directly by emailing a request for quote to: or by calling 973-285-0333.

Why Did The Harrison Central School District Reopen with the MAC-700 over others in a crowded market?

  • Quiet Operation:

    • The standard speed controller allows the educator to control the speed and sound of the unit.  One HCSD teacher exclaimed “The radiator in my classroom is louder than that!”

  • Performance:

    • The UV-C Lights provide a 99.9% kill rate for the virus as it passes through the unit and the HEPA filter captures 99.97% of contaminants to deliver healthy clean air to the students and teachers.

  • Safety:

    • The HEPA Filter is the last stage of the MAC-700 design fully containing the UV light and ensuring all air is filtered, including any possible particulate created by the unit itself, prior to reaching the space.


At every stage of development, Nailor has worked to ensure that parents, students and teachers will feel safer reentering the classroom. 

The result is the most advanced mobile filtration and treatment solution on the market!



  • Provides continuous filtration of the space air to reduce risk of biological aerosol transmission

  • Mobile; 120V power cord; 30"x30"

  • Cleans the air in a Space over 4 times per hour*

  • Low operation cost (approx. $47/year)

  • Designed with classroom applications in mind

  • MERV-8 pre filter, UV-C Light and 99.99% efficient HEPA Filter

  • UV-C Safety door switch

  • Unique bottom pull with top discharge of clean air

  • Double insulation for quiet operation                                                                 
    ​                                                                                                                          *based on 1,000 sq. ft  room

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