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increasing Office iaq
as a complete system:

Ventilation, filtration & air cleaning

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  • Thermal Dispersion Airflow Technology

  • Supports up to 16 Sensor Nodes

  • NIST-traceable Calibration

  • %-of-reading Airflow Accuracy

  • Airflow and Status Alarms

  • Velocity-weighted Temperature

  • Output %RH, Enthalpy or Dew Point¹

  • Three Mounting Styles

  • Remote Transmitter with LCD Display

  • 3-year Warranty


¹ Requires /H option

  • Provides continuous filtration of the space air to reduce risk of biological aerosol transmission

  • Mobile; 120V power cord; 30"x30"

  • Cleans the air in a classroom over 4 times per hour*

  • Low operation cost (approx. $47/year)

  • Designed with classroom applications in mind

  • MERV-8 pre filter, UV-C Light and 99.99% efficient HEPA Filter

  • UV-C Safety door switch

  • Unique bottom pull with top discharge of clean air

  • Double insulation for quiet operation


                                             *based on 1,000 sq. ft classroom

  • Available in High Capacity and Low Profile models

  • Designed for concealed ceiling applications

  • Outside air inlets for DOAS applications

  • Draw through design; air contacts more of the coil face than a blow-through design leading to better heat transfer

  • Fully insulated coil casing reduces heat losses

  • Insulated casing reduces radiated sound

  • 5 cabinet sizes; airflow range 200-4000 CFM

  • External Static Pressure up to 1.0" w.g.

  • 3 Speed PSC, 3 Speed ECM and EPIC ECM available

  • Full panel bottom and side access to all components

LTG Sterilventilation_edited.png
  • High-efficiency low pressure UV-C emitter and airflow recirculation 

  • 99.99% disinfection rate

  • Silent and effective room diffusion 

  • Independent of existing HVAC systems

  • Simple installation into T-bar ceilings w/ suspended brackets

  • No available in UVC-400 Stand Alone and Wall Mounted models!

  • Ozone & chemical free

  • Low maintenance non-stop operation

  • 2 speed operating mode ( silent/ max mode)

  • LED Display for optical function monitoring 

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