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Heat Recovery System 

For Commercial Kitchens

Sustainable Clean Air Exhaust and Make-Up Air System with Heat Recovery System for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation.

Halton Provides a Truly Integrated System to Optimize Heat Recovery for any Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Application!


Heat Recovery in commercial kitchens can be a crucial component of your kitchen ventilation system. It allows your heating and make-up air system to operate more efficiently by capturing a portion of the heated kitchen exhaust air and transferring it to the make-up air supply. It lowers the energy required to meet design supply air temperature, saving money on utility costs.

Halton’s PolluStop (PST) and Make-Up Air systems come complete with heat recovery coils and associated controls to provide an integrated system.


Heat Recovery Systems are recommended for all food service ventilation systems that require pollution control and make up air. These systems are more prevalent in colder climates.

Features and Benefits

  • Recovers heat of kitchen exhaust air to preheat incoming outside air resulting in a significant saving of heating energy for cold climates.

  • Standard coils are provided in both units

  • The pump for the run-around glycol loop is installed in the makeup air unit.

  • Combined with Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. demand control kitchen ventilation system for seamless integration of all components and providing feedback on system operation.

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View Halton's Heat Recovery Brochure

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