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Maximizing profit through comfortable and energy-efficient kitchen ventilation systems.

Halton provides the products and resources to strike the delicate balancing act of maintaining comfort, increasing profits through reduced operating expenses while ensuring capital expenditures are within budget.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.


Typical challenges in QSR and Chain restaurant ventilation

Addressing the unique challenges associated with QSR and Chain restaurant ventilation requirements.

Today’s customers expect an exceptional dining experience. Top of mind outside of the aesthetic appeal of the space is how comfortable the restaurant is. Directly impacting comfort is the design of the kitchen exhaust system and how it integrates with the HVAC system. Ensuring the right balance between operating expense and capital expense while addressing customer and employee comfort are the key drivers in executing the correct ventilation design.


Why Choose Halton?

Halton has a global perspective on the unique challenges facing QSR’s and Chain Restaurants and can provide a level of expertise unmatched in the food service ventilation segment.

Halton’s extensive research and development in the area of commercial kitchen ventilation is resource that our chain customers embrace. The knowledge base developed from this research and the products produced create a library of options that can be deployed by chains to maximize their profits, minimize their capital investment while ensuring their guests and employees are comfortable. Any sustainability and reduction in carbon foot print effort starts with the greatest contributor to energy use, the HVAC and exhaust system. Halton’s Capture Jet series of exhaust hoods are the industry benchmark for energy efficiency, paired with our controls platform can create a system that delivers continuous feedback while responding to cooking variability.


Reference Case-PITAYA

Pitaya is a French chain, specialized in Thai Cuisine, which quickly develops in France and already started an international development.

Halton has been able to study the Pitaya concept and adapt its exclusive equipment to the Pitaya Concept so that the treatment of our smoke and grease is done under the best conditions…» says Mister Olivier Gérardin, Executive Vice President of Pitaya Group.

See for yourself the solutions Halton designed specifically for this chain which gets itself talked about, and what the Executive Vice president of the group, a master franchisee and a franchisee think about their benefits!

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Reference Cases
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