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Delivering high-quality dining is not nearly enough, the trend is searching for an all-encompassing fine-dining experience, a balance between quality of service and guest expectation in terms of experience and comfort.

Halton has a unique ability to design totally tailor-made products to match the most audacious architectural projects, creating an energy efficient design that ensures a memorable dining experience.


The World Leader in Fine Dining Ventilation Solutions

The Challenges for Fine Dining Restaurant Kitchens

The fine dining restaurant industry caters to the guests looking for a high-end dining experience that lend themselves to an equally unique and imaginative display or theater cooking venues. These venues create simultaneously ventilation challenges not found in traditional cooking applications.


Why Choose Halton?

Halton is the leading galley ventilation system supplier for major cruise ships. During the years we have brought to the market many “industry firsts” like Capture Jet technology, UV-light technology, M.A.R.V.E.L. demand based ventilation.



  • Unrivaled energy savings and comfort for the staff.

  • The highest level of safety, hygiene, and maintenance quality.

  • Highly efficient pollution control technology.

  • Ensures an upscale dining experience

Reference Cases

Our reference cases will provide you with an overview of the ventilation solutions we have designed for customers all around the world, for fine dining restaurants.

Select a project to see which products were installed as part of the complete Halton Ventilation Solution.


Le Pavillon
by Daniel Boulud

Technical Air Systems, Inc. along with the Halton Group provides kitchen ventilation solutions for this landmark restaurant at One Vanderbilt in New York City


Koneser Grill

Koneser Grill opens out to present a space that feels industrial at its core.

Why Choose Haton
Reference Cases
Tyical Challenges
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