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Ozone Cleaning Technology to Reduce Grease and Odors in Ventilation Ducts

The V-series is specially designed for restaurants and industrial kitchens where requirements for grease and odor elimination are very high. AirMaid is equipped with our unique Corona Glass Cell which is nearly maintenance-free.  Ozone is of course well known to be highly effective in reducing cooking odors from exhaust airstream. Furthermore, its continual and effective cleaning of the exhaust ducts not only reduces sweeping costs but also makes it possible to recover the heat energy even from greasy kitchen exhaust ducts, thereby further reducing the operating costs of a restaurant.

AirMaid V 
Ozone Generator

less grease_edited.png


The chemical reaction with ozone effectively reduces grease buildup in ventilation channels, reducing them to water and dry minerals

reduced odor_edited.png


AirMaid is effective in reducing the odor and chemical vapors, particles that are not caught in conventional filters

low maintenance_edited.png


AirMaid need no regular maintenance. One inspection per year is all you need to be make sure that the glass cells are clean

improved fire_edited.png


AirMaid significantly reduces the amount of grease in the ducts and thereby preventing fires from spreading in the system

heat recovery_edited.png


Cleaning the air with AirMaid allows the possibility to use the kitchen air for Heat Exchanger

Fields of Applications

  • Restaurants

  • Industrial kitchens

  • Multi-family residences

  • Foodstuff production

  • Agriculture

Grease Reduction

AirMaid considerably reduces the grease buildup in exhaust ducts by breaking down the grease into water vapor and dry minerals which are mostly expelled with the air flow.

Odor Reduction

All types of cooking creates cooking fumes and their associated odors. These pass through the ducts and do not get captured by conventional ventilation filters. With AirMaid these odors can be reduced to up to 95%.

Fire Safety & Duct Cleaning

Since AirMaid lowers the grease and soot content in the exhaust ducts, fire risk is also minimized and the service life of the ventilation system is lengthened. The frequency of expensive duct cleaning is thereby also reduced.

Field of Applications
Fire Safety
Grease Reducton
Case Studies/Literature
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